Our beloved Birth Flower Collection started as a seed in Mary’s imagination, grown out of a desire to create a piece to celebrate your most special moments. They budded into hand drawn sketches, each a tiny work of art. From those delicate illustrations, to custom made stamps, to one of a kind jewelry-- these little blooms were tended with care each step of the way. 

Each flower was chosen not only for its beauty, but for its deeper meaning. For our May birthday here at MBM, the Lily of the Valley reminds us to treasure each moment and find joy in the little things. {Shout out to all the other May babies!}

And what about the others? Here is a quick peek at all 12 blooms and their individual meanings:

January--Carnation--Self Love

February--Violet--True Love

March--Cherry Blossoms--Gratitude


May--Lily of the Valley--Happiness


July--Lotus--Personal Growth







The intentions for each bloom are for more than just birthdays—anniversaries, months of triumph, and reminders of the valleys we have fought through all deserve their own celebratory bouquet. These small tokens let us carry those moments with us, kept close to our hearts.

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