There is no time like the holidays to share how we feel about someone – to give a piece of your heart wrapped up in a tangible present. We are always looking for gifts that are practical and magical. Give a gift that supports those you love in what they love. Need an idea {or two}? Here are a few of our faves:


For the Outdoor Enthusiast 

She’s hiking, she’s mountain biking, she’s climbing cliffs and skiing slopes. Try a piece that is as full of adventure as she is– an ode to the outdoors she loves so dearly.
Grounded Disc Necklace                        Mountain Bar Necklace                        Rainbow Ring

For the Animal Lover

For the dog mamas and cat ladies and everyone else that loves a good furry cuddle. The perfect tiny tag to keep their pets close to their hearts– right where they belong.

Fur Baby Necklace                             Initial Disc Necklace                        Evie Hoop Earring

For the Spiritual Soul

Her presence is grounding, her spirit is bright. We wanted pieces that highlight the intentional goodness she spreads. Give her the gift of acknowledging the growth she has worked so hard for. 

Faith over Fear Necklace                         Peak Ring                     Afterglow Gemstone Necklace

For the Young at Heart

For the friend that brings exuberance and joy to every situation. Who finds wonder in the ordinary and keeps life light. We love them for all of the ways they add laughter to our lives + picked pieces to reflect it.

Evie Charm Necklace                    Beverly Bead Necklace                    Poppy Circlet Earrings

For the Green Thumb

She grows plants as beautiful as her friendships. All she touches turns to gold {or, green}– they thrive and flourish under her care. These pieces celebrate the blooming and growth she encourages.

Magnolia Disc Necklace                   Mini Bar Birth Flower Bracelet                  Wild Blooms Necklace

For the Beach Babe

For the girl who is always seeking saltwater + sun + sand. A reminder of warm days listening to the waves. Give a gift that keeps the sunshine close even in the depth of winter. 

Pearl Choker                          Indy Oval Necklace                            Sunny Disc Necklace

For the Travel Guru

Wanderlust is forever tugging at her heart and she is always seeking something new. Celebrate the places that light her heart on fire. We picked our favorite pieces that adapt to anything + travel with ease.
Evie Charm Necklace                               Live in Hoop Earrings                                Jewelry Case