Our brand new Indy and Juno oval disc necklaces are the perfect way to hold special a moment close and add a little vintage flair to your wardrobe. With so many options for customizing these beauties to tell your story, we wanted to take some time and answer all of your FAQs.

What size are the ovals?

Each oval disc measures .7” long by .5” wide.

Will they come in silver and rose gold?

You know it! These darling duos will be available in all three metal types.

What is the difference between the Indy and the Juno?

Indy is designed to carry the words that mean the most to you. This sweet pendant can hold up to three lines of text, with 5 letters in each line. Choose a special year, name, or mantra as a love letter to wear above your heart.

Juno is perfect for moments you just can’t put into words. You can pick from over 20 hand drawn designs--from birth flowers to symbols of summer.

Which symbols can I put on the Juno disc?

Any of our ½” symbols fit perfectly on the Juno oval! Need a refresher? Here is a list of our top 20!

Can I choose the font for my Indy necklace?

All Indy Ovals will come in our 1.5mm uppercase arial font. We’ve tested it out, and trust us! This font is the best fit. You can also special request a single initial in our 6mm arial font!

Any ideas for a 5 letter word to put on the Indy?

Yes! We asked our community what they might put on their oval discs. Here are a few of our faves: shine, trust, bloom, loved, peace, brave...the list is endless!

Any other questions? Email our customer experience team at info@madebymary.com for help building your perfect necklace!