Made By Mary was built around storytelling. We all have a story to tell. Something unique to us. Something that has helped shape who we are at the core. We love to collect and share these stories because they help us connect to each other. Here are some of your recent stories. We celebrate with you, we mourn with you, and we most assuredly love you.

"My husband gifted me my first MBM necklace for my birthday two years ago. He wanted me to have a reminder that I was loved by him and by God, no matter what. In March 2020, he gifted me a “mama” necklace as a reminder of our gift from our Heavenly Father, our son. So thankful our collection can grow with our family. "
- Mary
"I got this piece for a mother who just lost her 2.5-year-old son to cancer. He died after fighting cancer for two years. I was looking and looking for the right piece. I really wanted something that not only would have his name but also something more. They had a Facebook page for him that had a picture of the Everest Mountain. I emailed back and forth with your staff and Cara suggested this piece. I will forever be grateful for Cara’s patience and understanding with how particular I was. I cried for a long time after I received this necklace. Everett was an incredible boy who touched so many hearts."
- Marta
"I bought this bar necklace a while ago and it says “all you need is love." I originally bought it because my son is obsessed with the Beatles and I believe that love is so important. During this crazy time it has really been a good reminder about how all you need is love and everything will follow.
Love to self: taking care of your own needs in whatever way that looks like 
Love to my family: letting them know they are safe and taken care of during this time. Being more intentional with my actions and words 
Love to others: being kind and patient with humans right now, showing respect in various ways, and being a little less selfish. It is amazing and beautiful how much a piece of jewelry can help center me and my intentions to others. "
- Shelby
"Before my wedding I ordered this necklace with my last name on it. Most brides would probably order a piece of jewelry with their new last name, but I’m not your typical bride. Most brides are also eager to change their last name to match their husbands. But for me it was difficult. Not because I don’t love my husband or don’t want to have his last name. In most cases, you get your last name from your father. My father passed away in October 2014 and giving up my last name felt like I was giving up a big part of him that I still had left. I felt jealousy towards my brothers and sisters-in-law that got to take on a name that meant so much to me. Yes, our names are our identification, but they are not our identity. They are not what makes us who we are. This necklace is just a reminder to me that I will always be a Rowe and that my dad will always be in my heart, even if I no longer have the last name he gave to me. He gave me SO much more than a last name anyway. He made me who I am today.
Thank you for making such beautiful jewelry. I love all of my Made by Mary pieces, but this one is extra special."
- Leanne
"I got this little heart disc to represent our first baby that we lost to miscarriage; the baby who made me a mama. Since losing this baby we have given birth to our rainbow baby girl, and one of the many things that struck me was all we had missed with our first. There were no ultrasounds showing their little features or limbs moving around, no first time feeling them kick, no watching my tummy grow, no gender reveal or baby showers celebrating their life. No seeing their sweet little face as we welcomed them into this world.
In all of the things missed, what a precious thing we did get: seeing that heartbeat. I will forever hold onto that sweet memory where we got to see the life of our baby on display right before us. It was a gift from God that we were able to experience that, because three days later that baby died. 
That little heartbeat has forever changed the heartbeat of our family. I find it striking how much meaning and weight a small piece of jewelry can hold. 
I love that I can carry this sweet reminder so close to my heart, a heart that has been forever changed by the, though short, beautiful beating of another’s. To me, it's recalling of not what could have been, but what was. That baby lived, and we still love them. How precious this necklace is.
Thank you, MBM. "
- Liv