Hello! I’m Mary Moody. Mama to two happy, wild boys (Myles and Roman) and wife to Taylor.

I started Made by Mary in 2013 as a source of light during a time of struggle and uncertainty in my life. I was drawn to the idea of creating and designing jewelry with heartfelt meaning and, after months of research and mastering the basics, I started making necklaces. I quickly developed a passion for the process of handcrafting jewelry for people all over the world. My work allowed me to connect with my customers and their stories— their triumphs as well as their tragedies.

Since then, Made by Mary has grown in ways I never could have anticipated, and I attribute our success to our amazing customers and team. Your story is unique, and we work diligently to ensure everything we put into your jewelry reflects that. We hand-cut every bar from raw sheets of metal, stamp each letter one-by-one, file rough edges, polish, clean, and, finally, thoughtfully package each piece.

Made by Mary isn’t just about pretty jewelry. Made by Mary is about connection: love made tangible, created by you!